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Discussion leader abstract and links May 15, 2007

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Abstract for my presentation:

As the growth of online commerce begins to slow, e-tailers are considering the trust barriers that keep potential customers from spending online. The fears that many e-consumers had a decade ago are still around. There are well-recognized ways to create credibility, and consumer research shows a few tried-and-true methods used by the wary to establish confidence in online purchasing. Finally, Web 2.0 features are expected to usher in a new era of e-consumer confidence and a boom in online spending.

Power Point

Articles and links:

Alexander, Blair, Lorraine Friend, Beth Godwin, and Patrycja Babis. “Learning to Trust E-Tailers: Strategies for Consumers.” Journal of Research for Consumers 10 (2006): 1-9. Retrieved 12 May 2007, ProQuest.

Burke, Ken. “Trust Us.” Multichannel Merchant 23.11 (2006): 42-43. Retrieved 12 May 2007, ProQuest.

Hemp, Paul. “Are You Ready for E-tailing 2.0?Harvard Business Review 84.10 (2006): 28. Retrieved 14 May 2007, EBSCO.


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